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About Us
L-3 Warrior Systems Technology

Our Technology

L3 Warrior Sensor Systems is a world leader in the development and production of advanced night vision and electro-optical systems and components. Warrior Sensor Systems supports all branches of the United States Military, including elite military units, law enforcement, first responder agencies, allied nations, and consumers by developing and delivering laser aiming and illumination devices, laser rangefinder systems, handheld and clip-on thermal imaging and fusion systems, holographic weapon sights, and advanced components.

• Aiming and Illumination Systems 
• Holographic Sights 
• Tactical Illuminators
• Thermal Imaging Systems 
• Image Intensified (I2) Systems 
• Thermal Imaging and Fused Systems 
• Precision Targeting Systems 
• Night Vision Goggles 
• Night Vision Tubes