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AN/AVS-9 and AN/AVS-6

Night Vision Goggle (M949)  
The AN/AVS-9 and AN/AVS-6, with Gen III night vision, provides improved situational awareness with large 25 mm eyepieces and enhanced binocular viewing for optimized depth perception. Ergonomically designed
interface controls include interpupillary, vertical, fore/aft, and tilt adjustments.

• FAA TSO 164a Authorization
• Optional Class A and Class C (“Leaky Green”) filters
• Clip-On Power Supply (COPS) for pre-flight or dismounted operations
• AA battery Low Profile Power Pack (LPPP), with primary and alternate
battery plus aircraft power port, provides triple redundancy for
complete system confidence
• Multiple helmet mount options
• Improved 40° field-of-view
• Power pack securely attaches to flight helmets