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L-3 Warrior Systems History

L3 Insight Technology History

Ken Solinsky and his wife, Grace, bet their life savings on his dream business and grew it into a world leader in military technology. Founded in 1988, bidding on a government proposal for infrared aiming lights, Insight won that proposal, and Ken steadily grew the company into the largest developer and supplier of night vision and electro-optical systems to the U.S. military.

Mr. Solinsky left government service in 1986 and joined Kollsman in Merrimack, New Hampshire as Program Manager for Thermal Systems. In 1988, with the help of his wife and a former colleague, Insight Technology was formed. A small government contract for infrared light transmitters and a more substantial contract for infrared aiming lights marked the beginning of Insight Technology as a viable company. Insight went on to win a series of additional production contracts for various infrared aiming and illumination devices, most notably the AN/PEQ-2 & 2A infrared target pointing illumination laser. This device became a standard issue item for combat personnel in all branches of the U.S. military and has been adopted by allied countries around the world. Over 400,000 AN/PEQ-2 and 2As have been produced to date, and over 300,000 AN/PEQ-15s have been delivered.

Insight then began producing the military’s most advanced Image Intensifier System, the Panoramic Night Vision Goggle, and the first Thermal Imaging Goggle of operational significance. This work was further expanded with the introduction of a variety of sighting devices employing both image intensification and thermal imaging technology, and a fusion night vision goggle that provides both image intensification and thermal imaging in a single helmet-mounted system.

Insight Technology currently produces over 15,000 night vision and electro-optical systems per month which include laser aiming and illumination devices, image Intensification Systems, Thermal Imaging Systems, and Laser Rangefinder Systems. Insight also supplies numerous spare parts and ancillary items. Insight products are in use by all branches of the U.S. military, are exported to friendly nations around the world, and are used by federal, state and local law enforcement officers.

In April, 2010, L-3 Communications acquired Insight Technology which stands as a leading manufacturer of night vision and I2 systems and continues to invest in product development to enhance warfighter capability by offering complete system capabilities, core technologies, Gen III white and green phosphor image intensifier (I2) tube technology, fused and thermal imaging systems, precision targeting, training, repair and logistics services.