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L-3 Warrior Systems Capabilities

Warrior Sensor Systems Capabilities

L3 Insight Technology is a leading manufacturer of advanced laser aiming, precision targeting, night vision and EO/IR systems and equipment to ensure safe and successful operations for the dismounted soldier as well as on crew-served, airborne and marine-based platforms. For over 25 years, Insight Technology products have been supporting the military, law enforcement and security agencies by providing advanced visual awareness solutions.

L3 Electron Tube Operations (ETO), a business unit of Insight Technology, is employed in the large-scale manufacture of image-intensifying tubes, including unfilmed and autogated, in both green and white phosphor, for application to a range of night vision products used by military and commercial markets. ETO’s aviator-grade Gen III and Next-Gen night vision tubes are used in weapon sights and goggle systems by governments, warfighters, police units and others that demand the most advanced and reliable image-intensified (I2) systems available. ETO, formerly Electro-Optical Systems, has a nearly 50-year legacy of producing image intensifier tubes and has produced more than one million units.


L3 EOTech develops and manufactures commercial products that leverage its advanced electro-optics technologies.The advanced holographic weapon sight has revolutionized electronic sighting technology and is being adopted rapidly around the world as the preferred and standard sights.