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L3 Warrior Systems, Insight Technology Division provides the most extensive line of products enabling warfighters to Maneuver, See, Locate, Target and Accurately Fire, Day, Night and in Adverse Weather.

L3 Warrior Systems is a world leader in the development and production of advanced night vision and electro-optical technology and systems for the U.S. Military, Federal Agencies, Public Safety & Sporting communities, and international markets. 

As part of L3 Technologies, Inc., Warrior Systems is made up of leading and complementary military and commercial divisions - Insight Technology, EOTech, Electron Tube Operations (ETO), InfraRed Products (IRP), Advanced Laser Systems Technology (ALST), and Mobile Vision, Inc. (MVI). Collectively, L-3 Warrior Systems provides a broad range of technology offerings and capabilities relating to aiming and illumination devices, image intensifier ( I2) tubes & systems, thermal imaging systems and detectors, high performance night vision and fusion goggles, precision targeting, and wireless interconnectivity. L3Warrior Systems also has full service training, repair, and logistics services.

L3 Warrior Systems provides the most extensive portfolio of products supporting the warfighters offering all essential systems to enable them to accurately maneuver, see, locate, target and fire during the day, at night, or in adverse weather.

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